About Me

  • I write about technology and society.
  • A long time ago I gained a PhD in theoretical chemistry from McMaster University (theory of atoms in molecules), and then did three years of postdoctoral research, at Oxford University (theory of inorganic chemistry) and then the University of Waterloo (intermolecular forces).
  • Since then I have worked in the software industry. My writing here is independent of my employer.
  • My book No One Makes You Shop At Wal-Mart (Between the Lines Press, 2006) is a left-wing game-theoretical investigation of individual choice that has been used in several university economics, philosophy and sociology courses.
  • My book What’s Yours is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy was published by OR Books in the USA and the UK, by Verlag Antje Kunstmann in Germany, and by Between the Lines Press in Canada.
  • My publications and media links for 2016 are here.
  • I live with my wife Lynne Supeene in Waterloo, Ontario and have two adult children: James Supeene and Simon Slee.

Contact: tom at tomslee.net