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  • No One Makes you Shop at Wal Mart (link), Between the Lines Press (2006)
  • What’s Yours is Mine: Against the Sharing Economy (2015).
    • US and UK edition (link), OR Books, November 2015
    • Canadian edition (link), Between the Lines Press, February 2016
    • German edition (Deins ist Meins): Verlag Antje Kunstmann
    • Spanish edition: Lo tuyo es mío, Taurus, November 2016
    • Simplified Chinese edition: (Ginkgo Book Co.)
    • French language edition (France and Québec): Ce Qui est à Toi est à Moi, translated by Hélène Rioux, Lux Editeur

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Quotes, and articles using my Airbnb data

Report: How Airbnb hid the facts in New York City

Together with Murray Cox of Inside Airbnb,  I produced a report on Airbnb’s removal of 1500 listings in New York, just in time to make its public release of data look good.

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