Airbnb City Maps

Inspired by the (much better!) maps of Amsterdam listings, here are some of my surveys of Airbnb cities converted to Google Fusion Tables. Data is obtained to the best of my ability, and I believe it is statistically pretty good, but I can make no guarantees as to its accuracy. Always visit the actual page for any individual listing.

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  1. This is an epic piece of work Tom.

    If anyone wondered about the ubiquity of Airbnb, your maps tell a message far better than abstract numbers. 20,000 listings in NYC is hard to imagine. A glance at the map tells the story.

    Your other posts The shape .. draw useful conclusions.

    Yes there is big churn, and claims by Airbnb are overly simplistic, but one thing is clear – Airbnb has arrived and has captured the imagination of renters and hosts alike.

    The rental industry will never be the same again.

  2. Hi Tom, thats a pretty good vizualization but can I ask you…if you have noticed…when you go to the total listings of a city/country you get to see only 56 pages and 1000+ listings and it has 56 pages in every city or country…how can that be? Airbnb shows selectively listings?

    • I’m sure there is some selection going on. I go around that by fitering for each neighborhood, each room type, and number of occupants at a time, but obviously the regular user is not going to do so. I have heard from people who say their flow of guests has stopped suddenly (perhaps from being demoted by Airbnb’s search algorithm) but I haven’t seen any discussion of how Airbnb ranks the listings.

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