Spot the Difference

Match the caption to the video (thanks to Chris Weagel for the middle one).  For the full effect play the videos simultaneously.


"PM, Toronto mayor say 'thugs' to blame for attacks"

"a bright day for retailers"

"shameful, dangerous and counterproductive"

"The violence prompted police to place Canada's largest city in a virtual state of lockdown"

"the American consumer has adapted to the economic climate over the last couple of years and is possibly spending more wisely as the holiday season begins"

"completely unacceptable"

"When it comes to Black Friday shopping, Hudgens said she most likes “the shopping (and) the savings but mostly the tradition."

"[Black Friday] really serves as a bright reminder that in a capitalist society competition and incentives are key to making the most of a voluntary transaction"



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  1. On a side note, I think the bright yellow coats worn by the British cops is much more effective than the black outfits worn by the Toronto cops. In the Canadian video, even the cop who was pushing his bicycle looked sort of SS-ish, and he had a bike for pete’s sake.
    It reminds me of something I once heard about bouncers. Apparently a woman is better at breaking up a bar fight than a man, even if the man is much bigger and tougher, because when the male bouncer enters the fray he notches up the feelings of aggression among the combatants, while a woman can be more of a calming influence. Or so they say.

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