Mr. Amazon’s Bookshop

An unfinished seasonal confection from Whimsley Hall, in a dozen or so episodes. This post will be updated with links to each installment as I post them. Expect roughly one per week, starting today.

And if you read on, remember the motto of the Whimsley family: "Pay little, expect less."

  1. First Visits
  2. The Appeal of Amazon
  3. A Conversation with the Butler
  4. What is a Book?
  5. Doubts About Amazon   
  6. The Differ 
  7. Down with Gatekeepers!
  8. Mr. Amazon's Shelves 
  9. Kylie Returns
  10. Another Conversation with Google
  11. Recommending the Big Sellers
  12. Where is Kylie?
  13. The French Lieutenant's Bookshop?
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