The Long Tail 10.1 – A Short Note

This set of posts has been a lot of fun. Thanks to those who have given me feedback along the way, and to those (like Dave of How To Furnish a Room and RAD) who have linked to it and said nice things about it. If you’re looking for a book to read, by the way, How To Furnish a Room is a great source of ideas.

I had some notes on each chapter and an idea of what I wanted to do with them once I finished reading The Long Tail, but it really is true that writing is a way of finding out what you think, so my views on the book have expanded along the way.

When I started out, I thought it would be enough to just go through the book as I have been doing, but now I don’t think that will quite do the trick. The book is really a Big Picture book, so once I get to the end (four more chapters) I think I’ll post a couple of Big Picture posts to wrap it up. Then I’ll really have to return the book to the library and read something else.

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