Read the numbers on your fruit

Is this true? And does it apply in Canada? I will have to find out…

Another little tidbit gleaned from April’s Food & Wine:
those sticker numbers on your fruit actually mean something. Here in
the US, fruit often comes with stickers on it, sometimes telling you
where it’s from and/or what it is. There’s also a number, but I never
paid attention to that. But on p. 72 I spotted this interesting bit of

"[T]he sticker labels on fruit: The numbers tell you how
the fruit was grown. Conventionally grown fruit has four digits;
organically grown fruit has five and starts with a nine; genetically
engineered has five numbers and starts with an eight."

Yesterday I checked out the organic apples at the market, and yes,
the numbers did indeed have five digits and started with a nine.

Link: Read the numbers on your fruit, via Boing Boing.

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