Comment problems and one other update

I've had a couple of people tell me they were unable to post comments. After taking this up with Typepad, I have shifted from their "Typepad connect" system back to the vanilla commenting system. If you have problems posting a comment, then I would appreciate an email at last name dot firstname (gmail). And you can rest assured it isn't personal unless you are a spambot, in which case it is, or would be if you were a person.

Also, in a recent post I suggested that there was a conflict of interest in a paper I read. The authors have now published an explanation at the end of the paper and I retract the suggestion (I still don't understand why lead author Gilad Lotan lists his affiliation as he does, but that's his personal decision). I've put a note in the post to clarify.

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  1. Hey, You mentioned on CT that you had drafted a reply to “Some Restrictions Apply”. I would like to hear it even though comments are closed over there.

  2. Hi Watson: I’ve forgotten some of it, and some was directed at bianca steele’s comment. But basically it was:
    – I grant you the point about individual decisions from the consumer point of view. But we also take decisions like “I usually buy my books from Amazon” or “I usually buy my books from Words Worth Books in Waterloo”. People helping each other get educated about and acclimatized to the quirks of Amazon’s systems (and their suppliers’: the experience is one and the same) does have an impact on that choice. To be honest, I’m not sure that does back up my argument on that thread as it proceeded, but my initial reaction was to Holbo saying “it’s not really Amazon’s fault” – which to my mind it pretty clearly is.

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