As I seem unable to write anything myself, here are some things worth reading.

For those in and around Waterloo, Yappa Ding Ding continues to be a keen observer of our urban environment. Her recent pieces on Silver Creek and King Street are great examples. She deserves a wider readership, and not just because she is a friend.

The staff at world's finest video store Generation X Video have been posting a huge number of movie reviews this year at their blog. There are lots of reviews of movies I have never heard of, which in itself is great. I do want to highlight the review by Maggie of Summer Hours, which is one of the best movie reviews I've read in some time.

On the other side of the ocean, Phil Edwards is often an occasional blogger who I usually read for the politics, but he has just been writing some wonderful posts about beer, about the sublime Stan Rogers and his mother's gravestone – which you can see from the comments touched me for a couple of personal reasons – and about much else (including nice words about this here blog). I hope his fertile mood continues.

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