Google Book Settlement: I think I opted out

This morning I opted out of the Google Book Settlement. At least, I think I did. After going through the forms and clicking the buttons there is a generic page saying something like "your opt-out has been received".  But I have no receipt, no acknowledgement – in short, no proof that I have opted out. Very odd. I emailed Rust Consulting (the settlement administrator) and assume I will get something sometime, but it seems very amateurish for what they keep telling us is such an important change.

As for why I opted out, well I hope to write about that. But I have a deadline for next weekend and a busy time at home (never mind the day job), so I can't do that right now, and this blog will continue to be quiet for a while.

Update: After emailing the settlement administrator, I did get an email confirming my opt-out.

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