This site may harm your computer??

What's up with google? This morning I google "twitter time magazine" to look for an article, and every item on the search results, including, has a "This site may harm your computer" label. See here:

As a result, I can't actually get to any of the sites on the list. And any search I do give the same result. The BBC, Wikipedia, you name it. And clicking through to the "Safe browsing diagnostic page" for the site just gives "Server Error".

The effect is that google, in this house, is basically offline. And for all I have mixed feelings about google, that's not nice. I may have to do something useful.

Is this just Is it just me? Or what? 

Update: It was Google. One little / and the world goes to pot.
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  1. It’s in CA (California) too.

  2. I saw a google press release about it today (you probably have by now too). They say it was human error and it’s fixed now.

  3. “And for all I have mixed feelings about google, that’s not nice. I may have to do something useful.”
    Tom, shame on you. No One Makes You Search at Google!!! Monopoly is as Monopoly does. Perhaps you could have tried:
    All, by the way, show the “Why Everyone’s Talking about Twitter” Time Magazine article at/near the top of their results.

  4. Yeah! I’ve once encountered that too.

  5. Nehemiah Elder

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