a challenge

The challenge:

Find a blog with a URL of the form that is either (a) not taken, or (b) still active.

The rules:

I am sole arbiter of what qualifies as a firstname.

The prize:

Fame, no fortune.[1]

Here are some that are dead. It is kind of fun[2] – if you are really bored – to look at the content of these blogs. There is something melancholy about so many abandoned sites. So much tumbleweed. Lists of tumbleweed blogs would be appreciated too. (maybe not a valid firstname)

[1] I have actually found a blog of this form, so you lose and I win. Still it's kind of interesting[3] how many fail the test and it does make you wonder about all those counts of the number of bloggers in the world.

[2] OK, it's not actually fun.

[3] OK, it's not actually interesting either.
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