Winding Down Whimsley

Blogging has been non-existent for the last few weeks. I also have several emails from blog contacts that I have failed to reply to — sorry Henry, Aaron and others. I’ve been diverted by non-digital politics (Ontario Elections), home life, and trying to do my day job.

I started the blog, as the top of the page says, mainly in an attempt to promote No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart. Well that came out 16 months ago, so anything I could do along those lines is done.

I have a few more pieces I want to post here, and then I’ll take an indefinite blogbreak and try to do some longer-form writing.

After all, in the words of the Talking Heads; "Say something once, why say it again?"

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  1. Shame. I’ve found Whimsley rather enlightening and thought-provoking. But thanks for that at any rate.

  2. Just to let you know – my review of the book should be in the Spring 2008 issue of Political Studies Review. The licensing terms are such that I can’t put a copy of the review online for two years(!), but I am allowed to share it with colleagues – so drop me a line if you’re interested (& can’t wait for Spring 2008).

  3. Thanks for the fine, thoughtful blogging… can’t wait to see what comes next!

  4. Tom: thank you for the book. I am using it in my two sections of Principles. It’s fantastic. I first picked it up after hearing the title: Fortuitously, I had only weeks before given an exam with a question that asked them to describe the Prisoner’s Dilemma faced by people deciding whether or not to shop at Walmart, given that they valued a thriving downtown as well as low prices etc. etc. So upon hearing your title, I knew I had to use the book. Thanks again.

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