Eggs of Victory

Wisdom of Crowds? Hah! The problem was just not having someone expert enough.

Total number of Laura Secord chocolate eggs in the jar at their Kitchener store: 948
Total number guessed by yours truly: 947

Victory is mine, along with the eggs and a two-foot-high chocolate rabbit.

Eat your heart out, James Surowiecki.

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  1. The joke is on you. Laura Secord chocolates are made with hydrogenated oil.
    Poison, pure poison.
    Terrible waste of good cocoa.

  2. Herbinator is so right. But shortsighted. Those chocolates not only may contain trans fat; they also contain sugar – LOADS of sugar – and caffeine – that’s terrible for you, caffeine. And the cocoa beans were probably collected by underaged slave labor. And shipped to Canada in oil-dripping, world-destroying supertankers. And the vivisectionist allusions of chocolate bunnies mixed with the barbaric celebration of death… ee, yuck. Nuff said. There’s only one thing you can do… you must immediately take your 948 chocolate eggs and your chocolate bunny to your back yard and blow them up.
    Whew, that was close.

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