The Long Tail – Links to Posts

Here are links to each post in my critical reader’s companion to The Long Tail by Chris Anderson.

0- Cards on the Table
0.1 – The Cover
0.2 – The Introduction
1 – The Long Tail
2 – The Rise and Fall of the Hit
3 – A Short History of the Long Tail
4 – The Three Forces of the Long Tail
5 – The New Producers
5.1 – One Big Virtual Tent
6 – The New Markets
7.0 – A Teaser
7 – The New Tastemakers
8 – Long Tail Economics
8.1 – A Note on Networks
9.1 – The Short Head Part 1
9.2 – The Short Head is Alive and Well
9.3 – The Short Head Part 2
10 – The Paradise of Choice
10.1 – A Short Note
11.1 – Living in a Niche Culture (1)
11.2 – Living in a Niche Culture (2)
12 – The Infinite Screen
13 – Beyond Entertainment

14 – Long Tail Rules
15 – Coda

Or you can download the whole thing as a 150-page PDF here.

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  1. Thanks for reading this book so I don’t have to.
    This book reminds me of one of those aweful movies made by stretching a mediocre 5 minute Saturday Night Live skit into 90 minutes.

  2. Links Stromateis

    When I agree with Stanley Fish, I do so with trepidation (as someone who thinks he knows which shell is holding the pea) but I think Fish is quite right about The Bible Without Religion. The truth claims of a religion &mdas…

  3. Whither the Long Tail?

    Tom Slee is writing an extensive critique of Chris Andersons The Long Tail.
    Why am I bringing this up here? Well, theres a lot of discussion these days about what implications online distribution channels (and things like Apple TV) have …

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