Trubba Not

Ive startit reading Riddley Walker again. Evry time I read it theres summit new. New chance evry time.

Here’s Riddley on technological progress (p. 96):

Some of them ther shels ben broak open you cud see girt shynin weals like jynt mil stoans only smoov Id all ways usit the word shyning same as any 1 else myt. The sun is shyning or the moon is shyning. Youwl see a shyning on the water or a womans hair. When you talk of the Little Shyning Man its jus the middl word of what hes callt there aint no real meaning to it. Suddn when I see the shyning of the broakin machines I begun to get some idear of the shyning of the Littl Man. Tears begun streaming down my face and my froat akit…. How cud any 1 not want to get that shyning Power back from time back way back? How cud any 1 not want to be like them what had boats in the air and picters on the wind? How cud any 1 not want to see them shyning weals terning?

Riddley on individual choices:

Only my self! Looking at them words going down on this paper right this minim I know there aint no such thing there aint no only my self you all ways have every 1 and every thing on our back. Them as stood and them as run time back way back long long time they had me on ther back if they knowit or if they dint.

Riddley on Wal-Mart (p 147):

What ever happens itwl be that you dint want to happen. What ever dont happen that’wl be the thing you wantit. Take your choosing how you like youwl get what you dont want.

Aksherly thats not Riddley that Granser talking but its still the same he knows what he means rite enuf.

Trubba not.

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  1. I read RW quite some time ago, and now I need to read it again. I can tell, because today I was worried about something and suddenly the phrase “trubba not” floated through my brain. I love books like that, so jam-packed full of metaphor that bits of them pop into my brain long after I finish the book. Anyway, I Googled the phrase “trubba not,” and your blog entry came up. I findit that most blipful, defnatly a syn from the Littl Shynin Man–or may be from Eusa?? (cringe)
    Trubba not,

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